Garden of Enchantment - Old Sacramento Gift Store

126 K Street, Old Sacramento, CA 95814
916.446.7950 EMAIL

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Gorgeous boutique quality, hand crafted jewelry with thousands of rings, bracelets, chains, necklaces, earrings, and pendants at affordable prices everyday

Detailed statuary from fantasy fairies and dragons to classical Buddhas, Egyptian and art deco reproductions

Hard to find music that makes your heart sing, your soul dance, and your feet move

Exceptional selection of incense, candles and unique soulful cards

Fantastic tye-dyed and other cool clothing, t-shirts, bags, sarongs, scarves, hats and more

Hundreds of wind-chimes

Tarot and Wiccan supplies


Open every day @ 10:15am
Weekdays until 8:00pm
( and later on the weekends )